We bring wellness to your workplace

Home Spa Dubai’s corporate massage increases morale and reduces stress in the workplace.

As part of an extended Corporate Wellness Program, incentive program, or benefits package, employees can enjoy the benefits of chair massage in the same amount of time they might take a coffee break, leaving employees feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to return to work.


Corporate massage is performed on ergonomically designed chairs with no oil, targeting those areas that fatigue when at a desk and in front of a computer and perfectly tailored for the office environment. Corporate chair massage programs shrink turnover rates and absenteeism while improving job satisfaction and productivity.

“Since our 2006 launch of Corporate Wellness here in the region we realized at Ignite that Corporate Massage was a necessary part of our holistic service offering.”

“Seventy-six percent of Fortune Magazine ‘100 best companies to work for’ are boosting their bottom lines by adding massage to their employee wellness programs.”

Our Corporate Clients

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